Fall Movie Preview 2015: Biopics, Bond and 'The Force Awakens'

From Oscar contenders to new Tarantino and 'Star Wars' films, all you need to know on the season's big movies

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'I Saw the Light' (November 27th)

'I Saw the Light' (November 27th)

Yup, that's Loki, i.e. Brit actor Tom Hiddleston, stepping into the boots of Hank Williams to tell the story of the Alabama-born country legend in a movie that, the star says, "pulls no punches about Hank's self-abusive relationship with alcohol and  prescription drugs." I'll say. But the brilliant Hiddleston, doing his own vocals, traces ole Hank's career till his untimely death at 29 with tremendous power  and tender mercies.

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