Fall Movie Preview 2013

A peek at 25 films that actually merit the attention they're getting

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'Rush' (9/27)
Jaap Buitendijk20/20

'Rush' (9/27)

Formula One racing doesn't do it for me. But Rush, directed in a whoosh by Ron Howard, from a whip-smart and sexy script by Peter Morgan (Frost/Nixon), is sure to make converts. Howard delivers the real deal in racing fireworks, but it's the way the film digs deep into the psyches of these risk junkies that raises the bar. Chris Hemsworth, the stolid Thor, suddenly has sizzle to spare as Brit playboy James Hunt, a rogue driver who locks horns with Daniel Brühl, all coiled-spring intensity as Hunt's by-the-book Austrian rival, Niki Lauda. They're terrific, and they make you care.