Every Mark Wahlberg Movie, Ranked Worst to Best

From ball-busting blue-collar cops to well-hung porn stars – our complete stem-to-stern breakdown of the 'Deepwater Horizon' star's career

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21. 'The Italian Job'

This loose remake of the Michael Caine heist classic is engaging, has elaborate (and ridiculous) set pieces, colorful characters, and a bubbly sense of fun. So why is this not higher up in the list, you ask? As a master-thief out to avenge his old partner's death and steal back a huge stash of gold, Wahlberg gives what can only be described as an odd performance. He brings out the charm quite nicely in the film's first half; once the action starts, he seems surprisingly lost. This guy doesn't seem like he might pull off one of the most complicated cinematic heists ever. Of course, the fact he's been thrust into a leadership role is part of the plot ... so maybe the disconnect is intentional.

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