Every Mark Wahlberg Movie, Ranked Worst to Best

From ball-busting blue-collar cops to well-hung porn stars – our complete stem-to-stern breakdown of the 'Deepwater Horizon' star's career

38. 'The Happening'

Director M. Night Shyamalan's eco-horror thriller – in which nature fights back against humanity by releasing a deadly toxin that starts causing mass suicides – might be the worst film of his career. But it totally didn't need to be: The concept, while ridiculous, is also unnerving (in an absurdist, Japanese-horror kind of way) and the film actually has some beautifully tense set pieces. Unfortunately, it also has Wahlberg as a high-school science teacher, delivering perplexed stares and hilariously stilted line readings so catastrophic that at times you wonder if this is meant to be a parody. It's a true low-point: Imagine literally anyone else in the lead and the film instantly improves. (Okay, maybe not.)