Every Mark Wahlberg Movie, Ranked Worst to Best

From ball-busting blue-collar cops to well-hung porn stars – our complete stem-to-stern breakdown of the 'Deepwater Horizon' star's career

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22. 'Four Brothers'

Wahlberg is the temperamental, troubled leader of a quartet of adopted brothers who exact revenge when their angelic mother is randomly killed; naturally, they discover that there's more to the situation than they first realized. Based on John Wayne's 1965 Western The Sons of Katie Elder, this is the kind of movie in which our heroes find themselves facing off against both cops and criminals. Wahlberg's anger is convincing – you can sense the years of resentment and rejection that have built up, and you can see how this guy can easily get in trouble. You just wish he'd inject more energy into the movie once the story starts to lag.

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