The Dude Abides: Every Jeff Bridges Movie, Ranked Worst to Best

From charming rascals to old coots, 'The Last Picture Show' to 'The Big Lebowski' – the iconic actor's greatest hits (and misses)

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55. 'Winter Kills' (1979)

Jeff Bridges as Bobby Kennedy? Well, not quite ... but in director William Richert's curious conspiracy comedy, the actor plays the younger brother of a long-ago assassinated President who believes he may be on to the killer. His wealthy tycoon father (John Huston) sends our hero all over the country, where he meets a crazy cross-section of oddball characters played by Eli Wallach, Anthony Perkins, Sterling Hayden and, in an uncredited cameo, Elizabeth Taylor. Bridges looks mystified for much of the movie, which is ideal for both his character and for the average viewer of this perplexing movie. There are some delicious set pieces here (see Huston hanging onto a flag on the side of a tall building) and it's always fun to watch the likes of the African Queen director chew scenery. But goodness, is this thing all over the place.

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