The Dude Abides: Every Jeff Bridges Movie, Ranked Worst to Best

From charming rascals to old coots, 'The Last Picture Show' to 'The Big Lebowski' – the iconic actor's greatest hits (and misses)

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36. 'Tron: Legacy' (2010)

Years after the original trapped-inside-a-video-game classic Tron, Bridges co-starred in this aestheticized, brooding, often oddly beautiful sequel. The movie asks quite a bit of him: In its opening scenes, his (awkwardly) digitally altered presence played a younger version of his character. Then, after his grown son Garrett Hedlund is once again teleported into the video game, that same young visage was seen on the film's chief villain: CLU, a sentient version of himself Bridges had left behind many years ago to watch over the game (and who's become a digital dictator). And finally, a grizzled Bridges played the older Flynn, the man who has been living inside the game all these years. It's not as fun a part as the original – it's a far more stern-faced movie – but the actor still exudes quiet authority.

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