The Dude Abides: Every Jeff Bridges Movie, Ranked Worst to Best

From charming rascals to old coots, 'The Last Picture Show' to 'The Big Lebowski' – the iconic actor's greatest hits (and misses)

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63. 'The Yin and the Yang of Mr. Go' (1970)

Nobody escapes with their dignity intact from this incoherent, racist catastrophe, in which James Mason plays some sort of Hong Kong supervillain. His scheming assistant Burgess Meredith (in full yellow-face) enlists young American writer/traveler Jeff Bridges as a kind of patsy/guinea pig. It's not actually that easy to tell what's going on here, and Bridges seems awkward and out of place. It's a wonder this movie didn't kill his fledgling career before he got going.

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