The Dude Abides: Every Jeff Bridges Movie, Ranked Worst to Best

From charming rascals to old coots, 'The Last Picture Show' to 'The Big Lebowski' – the iconic actor's greatest hits (and misses)

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56. 'Cold Feet' (1989)

Bridges has an uncredited role playing a bartender in this weirdo road movie starring Tom Waits as a looney cowboy and Sally Kirkland as his nymphomaniac partner-in-crime. Our man just gets one scene – he briefly holds the protagonists hostage and makes them pay a huge bar tab – but at least he looks like he's having fun. (You can catch a quick glimpse of him at the 10-second mark in the trailer; that's Bridges in the black baseball cap.) Everybody else just seems baffled, or high, or possibly both. That includes the audience.

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