The Best of Dustin Hoffman: 20 Essential Roles

From 'The Graduate' to 'The Simpsons,' looking back on the best of the actor's big-screen and small-screen work

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'All the President's Men' (1976)

Hoffman and Robert Redford as Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward, the Washington Post investigative reporters who took down a President, in one of the best movies of the Seventies – to quote one half of this dynamic duo, what more do you need?!? The short, dark-haired actor and his Golden Boy counterpart made for a great double act in Alan Pakula's definitive Watergate drama; they supposedly learned each other's lines so that they could finish each other's sentences during scenes. More importantly, it's a tribute to both actors that you believe these guys as shoeleather journalists, doggedly trying to figure out that facts and "follow the money." Hoffman became close with Bernstein during the filming of the movie and picked up a number of his subject's mannerisms; the reporter, meanwhile gave him his real wristwatch to wear to help him get into character. 

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