Divine Comedy: 25 Best Stand-Up Specials and Movies

From classic HBO specials to arena-comic concert flicks, these bits continue to crack us up

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20. 'Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain' (2013)

It's tempting to write off the high-energy comedian as someone who'll outlast everyone simply by working harder than anyone else. But that's forgetting one crucial thing: When he's on, the man is genuinely fall-on-the-floor funny. If 2011's Laugh at My Pain proved Hart could go personal, this document of a two-night stand at Madison Square Garden finds him refining his manic, motormouthed therapy-session act down to a science. Yes, it could do without the tour-stop montage, but once he's on stage and digging into his family, his divorce and his pathological lying, he has the place in the palm of his hand. "He’s not afraid to be 'father knows less," Chris Rock said about him in Time. "That makes him a new kind of cool. Not a keep-a-distance-from-the-audience kind of cool, but a lovable, show-your-warts kind of cool." DF

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