Divine Comedy: 25 Best Stand-Up Specials and Movies

From classic HBO specials to arena-comic concert flicks, these bits continue to crack us up

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19. 'David Cross: The Pride Is Back' (1999)

A year after the sketch comedy Mr. Show ended its run on HBO, the network gave an hour to Dave Cross to carry its mix of absurdity and social commentary to the stage. Always the more misanthropic of the two, Cross hammers away at Bible-thumping fundamentalists, pot subculture, James Lipton, and conservatives inclined to blame mass shootings like Columbine on violent media. ("What are the video games that Hitler used to play?") His disrespect for religious institutions is a dominant theme throughout The Pride Is Back, with bits about getting raped by the Virgin Mary, about Jesus getting too much credit for the crucifixion, and about respecting his future wife's "superstitions." Even the conventions of stand-up itself get no respect from Cross, who mock-apologizes to the audience for not telling any jokes, then makes it up to them by doing “impressions” of a crack baby and Stephen Hawking with a prostitute. You could not ask for a better time capsule of late-Nineties alt-comedy. ST

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