15 Best and Worst Johnny Depp Roles: From Scissorhands to Sparrow

'Black Mass' star's career highlights — and lowest of the lows

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Best: 'What's Eating Gilbert Grape' (1993)

Depp doesn't exactly have a rich history of the playing the straight man (The Tourist is probably the closest he's come lately, and, well, the less said the better). Even by 1993, the normalcy of the star's eponymous role in in this drama was strikingly against type: His first major scene finds him sticking price tags onto soup cans in the podunk grocery store where he works.

Ripped from the pages of Abercrombie's most sensitive catalogue, Gilbert is the glue holding his tortured midwestern family together, his plainspoken narration allowing him to literally serve as the voice of reason. It's his relatives who are the strange ones, from the obese mother who never leaves their house to the mentally handicapped younger brother (Leonardo DiCaprio) whom he has vowed to protect. Depp is wonderfully endearing, and the disconnect between the actor's beauty and our hero's circumstance is at the heart of the film's fable-esque power.

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