Best TV Moments of 2012

From acid-loving ad men to out-of-control spooks and the triumphant return of Bubba, the greatest couch-surfing moments of 2012.

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Kristen Wiig says goodbye to ‘SNL’
Dana Edelson/NBC10/15

10. Kristen Wiig says goodbye to ‘SNL’

Saturday Night Live, NBC

It was the kind of megasentimental indulgence Lorne Michaels would normally not permit – yet this was a special occasion. Wiig got a lavish graduation party: Mick Jagger and Arcade Fire serenading her with "She's a Rainbow" with her castmates singing along, a dance-off with Seth Meyers, even Jon Hamm shimmying on the sidelines. When she took her last twirl with Michaels, it was a genuinely moving moment that seemed to sum up the whole history of SNL.

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