Best TV Moments of 2012

From acid-loving ad men to out-of-control spooks and the triumphant return of Bubba, the greatest couch-surfing moments of 2012.

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Dan Harmon’s cosmic goodbye
Justin Lubin/NBC6/15

6. Dan Harmon’s cosmic goodbye

Community, NBC

The ousted Community creator's endgame was a glorious blast of geek kamikaze – he knew he was going down in flames, so he did it in style. He finished up his three-season run on TV's best sitcom with a string of surreal episodes that were just "crazy-town banana-pants": the 8-bit video-game one, the Civil War one, even the group-therapy one. ("You shared this delusion with each other, like that time all these people got into swing-dance music back in the Nineties.") But the peak had to be the "Basic Lupine Urology" episode, a hilarious satire of crime dramas, from Law & Order to The Wire. (We even get Omar saying, "A man's gotta have a code.") It was a rapid-fire rampage of cop-show clichés – "Cleanup on Aisle Busted!" Yet it was also the season's bizarro emotional highlight. Not that Community would ever have any other kind.

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