Best TV Moments of 2012

From acid-loving ad men to out-of-control spooks and the triumphant return of Bubba, the greatest couch-surfing moments of 2012.

Bill Clinton delivers the Full Bubba
Rick Rowell/ABC15/15

15. Bill Clinton delivers the Full Bubba

DNC Convention

No American politician – or maybe just no American – has ever understood TV like the guy who spent his White House years watching American Gladiators. (People who claim Reagan was good on TV haven't watched him lately. It was the dead-ball era – back then, Merv Griffin was also considered pretty darn good on TV. And Joan Collins was a sex symbol.) Unca Bill's Democratic Convention speech was a pure corn-pone-hustle routine, yet that's why it might have been his finest hour. This guy gets what TV is all about, how it works and why it still holds up a mirror to the American soul. It's because – as Tyrion Lannister would say – bad people is what we're good at.