Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest: A Breakdown of the Best Movie Idiots

Braindead blackmailers, head-bopping bozos and a man named Brick — we rank the movie characters who give stupidity a bad name

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Stanley Stupid, 'The Stupids' (1996)

Stupid — it's a tough surname to live with. A squeaky clean, 1950s father transplanted to modern day Hell, Stanley (played by Tom Arnold) lives up to his legacy by "exposing" the conspiracy behind the weekly theft of his trash. Spying on "garbagemen," he poses as a shrub, realizing that he may be the first shrub to have arms and legs. As a postman, he delivered mail directly to street-side mail slots a.k.a. storm drains. Stanley exists in another universe, where someone would think to revive his car battery using mouth-to-mouth. John Landis' ode to idiocy may be the least known title on this list, but the longer you watch these jaw-droppingly dumb characters go about their daily lives, the more you realize they've earned the right to be here. Especially Stanley: splice the dad of Family Circus with Homer Simpson, and you have the Stupid patriarch.
Dumb Factor: 8

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