Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest: A Breakdown of the Best Movie Idiots

Braindead blackmailers, head-bopping bozos and a man named Brick — we rank the movie characters who give stupidity a bad name

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Romy White and Michele Weinberger, 'Romy and Michele High School Reunion' (1997)

This pair of twentysomething shopaholics makes the Clueless girls look downright ascetic, and the duo's valley-girl quirks —  criminal amounts of upspeak and use of the phrase "you know?" — only scratch the surface of their unique ditziness. Still comparing themselves to the cool girls from high school, Romy and Michele live under the impression that mononucleosis is "the best diet ever" and that eating gummy bears, jelly beans, and candy corn for six days straight is admirable discipline. The real world is their sleepover party, with dress up games (playing businesswoman dress-up) and lengthy arguments over who's the Rhoda and who's the Mary in their friendship. By the end of the movie, they learn important lessons about being true to themselves...for better or worse. "It's like I've given birth to my own baby girl," Michele says of a friend they've "saved" with fashion. "But she's a big giant girl who smokes and says 'shit' a lot."
Dumb Factor: 4

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