Bad Man Rising: Walter White's Lowest Lows on 'Breaking Bad'

Chronicling his journey from warm-hearted family man to cold-blooded killer

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Goodbye to Jane (Season Two, Episode Twelve:
Lewis Jacobs13/16

13. Goodbye to Jane (Season Two, Episode Twelve: "Phoenix")

Walt no doubt hoped Jesse's troublemaking girlfriend, Jane, would drop dead before she ruined Jesse's life, not to mention made good on her threat to expose Walt to his family. What he couldn't have anticipated was that he'd have the chance to make sure dropping dead was exactly what she did. Watching Walt fight back his obvious, physical instinct to help Jane as she chokes to death on her own vomit made for the show's most powerful moment to date. As tears well in his eyes, we realize the same thing he does: His hesitation to make a choice about what to do isn't hesitation at all. It is the choice. (Within days, his wife leaves him and his actions cause a plane crash; maybe the universe is trying to tell him something.)

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