Bad Man Rising: Walter White's Lowest Lows on 'Breaking Bad'

Chronicling his journey from warm-hearted family man to cold-blooded killer

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Deep-sixing Krazy 8 (Season One, Episode Three:
Lewis Jacobs15/16

15. Deep-sixing Krazy 8 (Season One, Episode Three: "…And the Bag's in the River")

For most of us, kill-or-be-killed situations are the stuff of soak-the-sheets sweaty nightmares. For Walter White, they're a way of life. Walt pretty much begs Krazy 8, the dealer he's taken captive (after a failed attempt attempt to gas him to death in an RV), to give him a reason not to kill him in cold blood. Krazy 8 delivers, but not in the way Walt wanted: By secretly snagging a shard of a broken plate to stab Walt, he forces Walt to kill him in self-defense. (The kind of self-defense that involves choking a man to death from behind while he's handcuffed to a pole, but still.) At this point, Walt still has the decency to be devastated, but the killing is a step in the wrong direction, as his ability to bounce right back makes clear.

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