'Arrested Development': The Funniest Running Jokes

20 gags that stand out from the cult-comedy's 76 signature bits

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Tobias' Blue Man Group Obsession
Courtesy Twentieth Century Fox Television7/20

Tobias' Blue Man Group Obsession

"Are you blue?" Michael asks Tobias the first time he sees his brother-in-law donning the signature blue body paint. "Only in color, only in color," Tobias responds, explaining that he wound up at a support group for depressed dudes thinking it was a Blue Man performance. From that point on (season two, episode one), Tobias commits himself to becoming a Blue Man Group understudy; later to be rejected, then accepted, in Reno's BMG, only to be replaced by George Sr. before he even begins the gig. (This comes after he runs an ad for his own Blue Man-esque one-man show – and is promptly presented with a cease and desist from the official group.) Still, this never deters Tobias from continually staining the Model Home (and its inhabitants) with blue handprints. He just "blue himself," he couldn't help it.

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