'Arrested Development': The Funniest Running Jokes

20 gags that stand out from the cult-comedy's 76 signature bits

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GOB’s Catchphrases
Courtesy Twentieth Century Fox Television5/20

GOB’s Catchphrases

"I've made a huge mistake," GOB's trademark catchphrase, became a full-on meme when he first began using it in season one. Most of the Bluths ended up saying the regretful phrase by the end of the series, along with GOB's other big catchphrase, "Come on!" Will Arnett's furious utterance of the latter phrase is impressive, considering it's a pretty common thing to say. But we've gotta hand it to Arnett on his ability to turn just one word into a catchphrase: "illuuuusions." The way GOB refers to his sure-to-fail magic tricks (raining pennies, hidden/dead doves, swallowed keys) as "illusions" is just part of what makes GOB, GOB. But his reasoning for it is even better: "A trick is something a whore does for money. . . or cocaine."

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