'Arrested Development': The Funniest Running Jokes

20 gags that stand out from the cult-comedy's 76 signature bits

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Buster Loses His Hand
Courtesy Twentieth Century Fox Television8/20

Buster Loses His Hand

Re-watching Arrested Development will reveal something that seems almost eye-rollingly obvious in the episodes leading up to it: Buster loses his hand! After arguing with Lucille over his plan to join the Army, Buster swims in the ocean for the first time and ends up having his left hand bit off by a seal "with the taste of mammal blood." From the episode titles ("Out On a Limb," "Hand to God") to Buster losing his hand chair earlier in the season ("I never thought I'd miss a hand so much," he says when he finds it), the foreshadowing is palpable. AD writers don't let up with hand/seal/claw/monster jokes throughout the rest of the series; they come to define Buster, in fact.

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