Alt-Summer Movie Preview 2015: Docs, 'Dope' and Demented Flicks

From hip-hop fashion statements to Kevin Bacon with a cop 'stache — your alternatives to the seasonal blockbuster blues

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'Sunshine Superman' (May 22)

Those with an intense fear of heights, take note: This documentary on Carl Boenish, the man who sparked the BASE jumping phenomenon, features more vertigo-inducing scenes per capita of people flinging themselves off skyscrapers, bridges, cliffs and other stationary objects than any other movie this year. (Our palms are sweating just thinking about several of the movie's helmet-cam POV shots.) Tracing Boenish's life from his early days as a skydiver to his final — and fatal — jump, the movie is a case study regarding the lengths that people will go to for an adrenaline rush. But it also paints a portrait of a man who, along with his wife Jean, was willing to push the envelope as far as he could in the name of joyfully feeling gravity's pull.

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