50 Most Anticipated Movies of 2018

From a solo Black Panther to a young Han Solo, Spielberg going retro to Barry Jenkins doing James Baldwin – the films we can't wait to see this year

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'The First Purge' (Jul. 4)

Did you ever find yourself wondering, three melees into the dystopian sci-fi/action/horror series The Purge, how America underwrote a 12-hour period every year where all crimes are legal, especially the most gruesome murders possible? This latest entry finally has all the answers. Creator James DeMonaco's prequel accounts for how the country embraced the cathartic kill-'em-all concept – or perhaps had it foisted upon them by a fascist, totalitarian regime – and flashes back to the very first Purge Night, which was limited to the island of Staten. Think Escape From New York or Battle Royale, but with broader bloody–free-for-all demographics. ST 

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