50 Most Anticipated Movies of 2018

From a solo Black Panther to a young Han Solo, Spielberg going retro to Barry Jenkins doing James Baldwin – the films we can't wait to see this year

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'M:I 6 – Mission: Impossible' (Jul. 27)

"Cruise is the fucking king … I love watching those Mission: Impossible films." Take it from Paul Thomas Anderson: The Jack Reacher movies and last year's The Mummy may have been misfires, but Tom Cruise's long-running spy series is him at his absolute running-jumping-not-standing-still best. We know that several of the key players from 2015's fabulous Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation have returned – most importantly filmmaker Christopher McQuarrie and costar Rebecca Ferguson, whose secret agent Ilsa Faust has become the series' most beguiling and complex foil. Cruise will turn 56 a few weeks before M:I 6's release, but as the unstoppable Ethan Hunt, he remains an ageless blur of bravado and breakneck sprinting. TG

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