50 Most Anticipated Movies of 2017: 'Blade Runner,' 'Star Wars' and More

From superhero blockbusters and high-profile sequels to docs, director passion-projects and some downright weird stuff

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'Thor: Ragnarok' (Nov. 3)
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures/Photofest44/50

'Thor: Ragnarok' (Nov. 3)

Did you miss Thor and the Hulk during Marvel's epic Captain America: Civil War? Don't worry: You'll get plenty of each in this new to-Asgard-and-beyond installment, which finds the God of Thunder squaring off against the big green guy, as well as contending with a new menace that could destroy his home planet. Humblebragging award-winner Tom Hiddleston will be joining Chris Hemsworth once again as Loki; two-time Oscar-winner Cate Blanchett plays Thor's main enemy; and filmmaker Taika Waititi (responsible for the wry vampire mockumentary What We Do in the Shadows) takes over as director. TG

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