50 Most Anticipated Movies of 2017: 'Blade Runner,' 'Star Wars' and More

From superhero blockbusters and high-profile sequels to docs, director passion-projects and some downright weird stuff

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'Spider-Man: Homecoming' (Jul. 7)

Had you asked us a year ago whether we were so psyched for the gajillionth new iteration of a big-screen Spider-Man, you'd have been met by the world's loudest yawn. And then we saw what Tom Holland could do with the friendly neighborhood webslinger – more specifically, how the young British actor could nail the kid behind the mask so convincingly – in Captain America: Civil War, and everything changed. He's the reason we're curious to see how this third reboot of the iconic superhero, in which he takes on Michael Keaton's techo-crook Vulture, plays out, and whether director Jon Watts (Cop Car) can capture the Spidey comics' eternal appeal. We have our web-covered fingers crossed. DF

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