50 Most Anticipated Movies of 2017: 'Blade Runner,' 'Star Wars' and More

From superhero blockbusters and high-profile sequels to docs, director passion-projects and some downright weird stuff

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'It' (Sep. 8)
Brooke Palmer41/50

'It' (Sep. 8)

What a great year for Stephen King fans – first the long-awaited screen adaptation of The Dark Tower, and now this. The author's 1986 bestseller about a group of kids and the world's scariest killer clown (oh, Pennywise, you fodder for endless phobias you!) had already been turned into a TV miniseries, but we imagine this new version will up the nightmarish qualities substantially. And frankly, those pictures of Bill Skarsgård as the embodiment of pancake-make-upped evil give us some serious heebie-jeebies. DF

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