50 Greatest Horror Movies of the 21st Century

From topical zombie apocalypses to retro-slasher flicks, the best scary movies since the turn of the millennium

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5. 'The Cabin in the Woods' (2012)

The most subversive meta-horror flick since Scream made the genre self-aware, Drew Goddard's tweaked take on the most tired cliché in horror – horny college kids retreating to cabin for drug-binging and sexcapades – becomes something so original that Hollywood hasn't figured out a way to mimic and/or ruin it the way they did with, say, The Blair Witch Project. It has so many twists that it's best enjoyed if you can go into it with a blank slate (or whiteboard, as the case may be ... we've said too much already). But its real feat is being a rare movie that manages to be scary and funny without becoming schlocky or corny in the process. And that's not mentioning the merman subplot. KG

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