50 Greatest Comedies of the 21st Century

From rom-coms to raunch-coms, 'Anchorman' to 'Wet Hot American Summer' – the funniest movies of the new millennium so far

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'The World’s End' (2013)
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44. 'The World’s End' (2013)

The set-up is delightfully promising: A group of once-close friends reunite to finish the epic 12-bar pub crawl they attempted as wild, bright-eyed teens. Needless to say, things don't quite go as planned, and out comes director Edgar Wright's fondness for the bluster and buffoonery of a very particular kind of Gen-X male. But then the movie soon becomes something quite different, as our heroes are confronted with a hellishly hilarious, gruesome Body Snatchers-type sci-fi scenario – and unlike so many other wild comedic genre twists, this one simultaneously leans into and explodes the idea of learning that things look different from the perspective of age. The Cornetto Trilogy was always about growing up, but The World's End shows the awesome destructive power of refusing to do so – in ways both heroic and catastrophic. BE

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