50 Greatest Comedies of the 21st Century

From rom-coms to raunch-coms, 'Anchorman' to 'Wet Hot American Summer' – the funniest movies of the new millennium so far

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'Superbad' (2007)
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28. 'Superbad' (2007)

Taking a page out of their mentor Judd Apatow's book, cowriters/BFFs Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg went back to their youth and crafted a teen comedy with dick drawings (dozens of 'em), dirty jokes ... and a heart and soul. Yes, it's about two high-school dudes (Jonah Hill and Michael Cera) trying to get laid, and the antics involving a party gone out of bounds, period blood, a character named "McLovin'," kooky cops and copious alcohol consumption that ensue – so far, so grossout. But underneath all the teen-boys-are-genuinely-disgusting humor and Porkys-style shenanigans is a thread of deep-seated insecurity, stemming from the fact that adulthood is fast approaching and soon these close friends will be heading off to different colleges. By that time that talking about "p in vagee" gives way to an affectionate "boop" at the end, you're smitten. All this, plus a near-perfect turn from Emma Stone. Super, indeed. EZ

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