50 Best 'Star Wars' Characters of All Time

From Mos Eisely aliens to the most dangerous Jedi ever, our updated ranking of the heroes and villains in a galaxy far, far away

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8. R2-D2

While his partner frets, nags, and offers the occasional translation, our favorite compact, diminutive friend bloops and bleeps the gang out of sticky situations. Need a wingman in aerial dogfights against the Imperial Fleet? Bleep-bloop-bleep. Garbage compactor mere seconds away from crushing the heroes of the Rebel Alliance? Bleep-bloop-bloop-bleep. A disembodied, discombobulated C-3PO wriggling on the ground, in need of rescue — again? Bloop-bloop-whistle. R2-D2 gets it the fuck done. The droid can even be outfitted to serve drinks. Along with Yoda, he's perhaps the only Star Wars character to be a paragon of excellence in both the prequels and the original trilogy, and the surest way out of a jam. Only con: Easily tipped over. ST

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