50 Best 'Star Wars' Characters of All Time

From Mos Eisely aliens to the most dangerous Jedi ever, our updated ranking of the heroes and villains in a galaxy far, far away

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Mace Windu
Everett Collection18/50

18. Mace Windu

As portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson (perhaps the only actor capable of making a purple light-saber look like the baddest weapon in the galaxy), Windu is a stoic fixture of the prequel trilogy, representing the very best of what those movies had to offer. Among the precious few Jedi Masters of the High Council who possessed the wisdom and courage to distrust Senator Palpatine, he plays an instrumental role in each of his three episodes, from identifying Anakin's destiny in The Phanton Menace to sealing the future Sith Lord's fate in Revenge of the Sith. The only way that Windu could have been cooler is if Tupac Shakur had been cast in the role. DE

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