50 Best 'Star Wars' Characters of All Time

From Mos Eisely aliens to the most dangerous Jedi ever, our updated ranking of the heroes and villains in a galaxy far, far away

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40. EV-9D9

Working for Jabba probably sucks, which explains EV-9D9's utterly cruddy attitude in Return of the Jedi (that's him in the center of the pic). Supervising the mechanical-help deployment in Jabba's lair and sail barge, he's surely always in need of fresh hires, considering that his boss has an irritating habit of disintegrating droids that displease him. Of the robots we encounter in the Star Wars universe, he's probably the surliest, not caring one bit about Threepio's friendly chitchat or putting up with Artoo's feistiness. (The character was voiced by Return director Richard Marquand, who died four years after the film's release.) TG

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