50 Best 'Star Wars' Characters of All Time

From Mos Eisely aliens to the most dangerous Jedi ever, our updated ranking of the heroes and villains in a galaxy far, far away

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Darth Maul

11. Darth Maul

Real talk: Darth Maul was a pioneer. A man of few words, the Sith Lord with the Rorschach ink blot of a face was the first guy to break the mold on light-sabers, his double-bladed weapon paving the way for Kylo Ren's cross-sword beam in The Force Awakens. Even more importantly, he also inspired millions of Star Wars fans to ignore the fact that the most anticipated movie of all time was borderline unwatchable. Refreshingly comfortable in his own skin for a series in which the villains are so often hiding their face or cloaking their true intentions, Darth Maul radiates pure evil through his jaundiced yellow eyeballs; George Lucas has described the big bad of The Phantom Menace as "a figure from one of his darkest nightmares." (Which kind of makes you wonder where Jar Jar Binks came from.) DE

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