Before Interviewgate: 5 Movies About Assassinating Real Leaders

'The Interview' had its release cancelled thanks to the fallout around its controversial plot, but it's not the first film to target an actual head of state

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'The Day of the Jackal' (1973)

Charles de Gaulle died of natural causes just a couple of years before the release of director Fred Zinnemann's adaptation of the Frederick Forsyth bestseller The Day Of The Jackal, about a mysterious assassin hired to kill the French president in the early 1960s. Though de Gaulle was the target of a real assassination plot in 1962, both the novel and the big-screen version of The Day of the Jackal are purely speculative. Still, the film's procedural qualities make it almost a how-to for would-be super-snipers. Not only did the movie open without incident, it became a huge international hit, and is partially responsible for giving a nickname (and a reputation) to real-life terrorist Illich Ramírez Sánchez, a.k.a. "Carlos the Jackal."

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