Before Interviewgate: 5 Movies About Assassinating Real Leaders

'The Interview' had its release cancelled thanks to the fallout around its controversial plot, but it's not the first film to target an actual head of state

'Death of a President' (2006)

Prior to The Interview, the most scandalous example of the fake-assassination-of-real-leader genre was writer-director Gabriel Range's mockumentary Death of a President, which imagines what would've happened if George W. Bush were shot and Dick Cheney seized control of the United States. Most of Range's film is about the aftermath of Bush's death, and is intended as a criticism of the PATRIOT Act and other infringements of personal liberty. In other words, this what-if docudrama was meant to argue that America was already a quasi-fascist state, even without a national emergency to force the issue. But the movie's title and subject matter were deliberately provocative and drew condemnation from Democrats and Republicans alike – if not enough to prevent a respectable art-house release and a subsequent DVD, both of which proceeded right on schedule.

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