40 Greatest Rock Documentaries

Burning guitars, big suits, meeting the Beatles — the concert films and rockumentaries that stand head and shoulders above the rest

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39. 'The Carter' (2009)

Hip-hop's reliance on artifice and bullshit is lifted in a profile so honest, its subject tried to prevent the film's release. Ostensibly a movie about Lil Wayne's rise from New Orleans teenage rapper to one of the world's most popular MCs, The Carter shuns hagiography, showing Weezy's hostile interviews with journalists and imbibing copious amounts of sizzurp right before the release of Tha Carter III. The rapper initially agreed to the project, but after seeing how much actual vérité the cinéma vérité-styled film had, he filed a lawsuit to prevent its distribution. A judge threw out the case, providing fans with a rare peek behind the curtain of life as a hip-hop superstar. JN

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