30 Best 'Star Wars' Moments

From jaw-dropping lightsaber duels to last-minute rescues, we count down the saga's most unforgettable may-the-Force-be-with-you scenes

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4. The Grudge Match ('Return of the Jedi')

It was a foregone conclusion that Vader and Luke would meet again, this time not just as Sith Lord and Jedi Knight but as father and son.  Their final confrontation makes a lot of that movie's other faults forgivable. It's operatic and dark, with the Emperor goading Luke to kill his own father and embrace the dark side — until Palpatine decides that Luke himself must die, leading Vader/Anakin to redeem himself in the noblest way possible. It’s the dramatic climax that the entire original trilogy was building to, and it pays off powerfully. (So why did George Lucas tamper with it for the Blu-ray release, exactly?)

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