30 Best 'Star Wars' Moments

From jaw-dropping lightsaber duels to last-minute rescues, we count down the saga's most unforgettable may-the-Force-be-with-you scenes

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24. The Battle Over Endor ('Return of the Jedi')

No one can stand the Ewoks (it's a scientifically proven fact, people), and the real drama near the end of the original trilogy is taking place in the Emperor’s chambers on the new Death Star. But there’s a shot near the beginning of this climactic showdown — where a legion of Imperial fighters are blitzing the rebel fleet — that's nothing short of breathtaking. You also have to admit that the cross-cutting between the fighting in space, the struggle on the surface and the Vader/Luke duel on the battle station is superbly handled, despite the presence of those tribal teddy bears.

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