30 Best 'Star Wars' Moments

From jaw-dropping lightsaber duels to last-minute rescues, we count down the saga's most unforgettable may-the-Force-be-with-you scenes

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19. Escape From Jabba's Yacht ('Return of the Jedi')

Luke, Leia, Lando (Billy Dee Williams) and Chewbacca thaw Han out of his carbonite tomb, only to find themselves all trapped aboard the sand yacht of the repulsive Jabba the Hut. They're headed for certain death — until they break out in a fantastic action sequence. There's plenty to "ooh" and "ahh" over here, from Luke showing off his considerable Jedi skills to a bikini-clad Leia strangling Jabba with a giant chain. And let's not forget Sarlacc's maw in the Pit of Carkoon: fall in, and you are slowly digested over 1000 years.

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