30 Best 'Star Wars' Moments

From jaw-dropping lightsaber duels to last-minute rescues, we count down the saga's most unforgettable may-the-Force-be-with-you scenes

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Behind the Mask ('The Empire Strikes Back')

23. Behind the Mask ('The Empire Strikes Back')

While studying under Jedi master Yoda (voiced by Frank Oz) on the eerie swamp planet of Dagobah, Luke is sent into a festering, evil-looking cave. While he's in there, the young man has a vision in which he confronts Vader, decapitates him and watches the weezing Sith Lord's mask break away to reveal...his own face. Welcome to a sobering and chilling foreshadowing of events to come, one which doubles nicely as Luke’s first real failure as a Jedi in training.

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