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12. 'The Pride of the Yankees' (1942)

First baseman and power hitter Henry "Lou" Gehrig was one of the best to ever don the Yankees uniform — and thanks to this movie, every generation who came after the Iron Horse's heyday pictures Gary Cooper when you say his name. Like most sports biopics of the time, this retelling about Gehrig's life, career and ultimate demise from ALS (a disease that's synonymous with his name) is shamelessly sentimental, incredibly inspiring and focuses just as much on mythologizing the man as it does the game. It's chock full of fellow pinstripers who played alongside him — yup, that's the real Babe Ruth, Bob Meusel and Bill Dickey onscreen — and contains one of the most iconic sports-flick scenes of all time in Cooper's recreation of Number Four's farewell speech. Show just about any baseball fan that "luckiest man in the world" moment, and you'll see waterworks. DF