The Masters: 30 Best Paul Thomas Anderson Actors

From 'Hard Eight' to 'Inherent Vice,' we've ranked the MVPs of PTA's movies

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28. Ricky Jay

Magician and erstwhile actor Ricky Jay plays Kurt Longjohn, the calm, quiet professional manning Jack Horner's camera, in Anderson's ambitious porn industry epic Boogie Nights. In a film that traces the rollercoaster-like emotional travails of a wide variety of people in the skin-flick business, he seems to be the lone voice of reason. Jay doesn't get a lot of lines, but his natural, matter-of-fact delivery means that whatever he does say is memorable. Maybe that's also why Anderson picked Jay to narrate the crazy, ultra-caffeinated early scenes of Magnolia – his relaxing voice offsets the utter nuttiness of what's on display.

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