The Masters: 30 Best Paul Thomas Anderson Actors

From 'Hard Eight' to 'Inherent Vice,' we've ranked the MVPs of PTA's movies

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Owen Wilson

26. Owen Wilson

Inherent Vice's surf rocker-turned-informant Coy Harlingen is presumed dead — yet somehow this this casualty of the counterculture pops up in nearly every other place Joaquin Phoenix's hapless private eye wanders into. Wilson puts his laid-back, familiar persona to good use, but unlike a lot of his other spacey characters, he also evokes feelings of real tenderness. After some time on the run and in the shadows, he wants to get back to his wife and child. Doc's ability to reunite Coy with his family becomes one of the few tasks that Doc successfully pulls off, a minor victory against the private interests and police-state shenanigans that, in Vice's portrayal of the early Seventies, are taking over the country.

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