25 Reasons to Love the Movies in 2017

From amazing directorial debuts to 'Dunkirk,' offbeat docs to Daniel Day-Lewis – the films, performances and moments that made the year in movies

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Michael Stuhlbarg's 'Call Me By Your Name' Speech

Michael Stuhlbarg's 'Call Me By Your Name' Speech

There's any number of reasons to love Luca Guadagnino's love story: the attention to detail, the introduction to the young star-in-the-making Timothée Chalamet, the scenery, the sensualness, the sense that someone has figured out how to use Armie Hammer correctly, that scene-stealing peach. But nothing floors you like that speech that Michael Stuhlbarg gives to his son near the movie's ending, a plea for the young man to never forget the agony and the ecstasy that this summer fling has left the teenager with. The way the actor treats three words ("I envy you") doubles as the sound of hearts breaking – both onscreen and in the theater.

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