25 Must-See Movies at Toronto Film Festival 2015

From Oscar-buzzed biopics to music docs on Arcade Fire and Aretha, our can't-miss picks for the fall's biggest film fest

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'London Fields'
Courtesy of TIFF12/25

'London Fields'

Everybody from Starred Up's David Mackenzie to David Cronenberg have been attached to adapt Martin Amis' class-driven, darker-than-dark 1989 novel about a self-destructive young woman into a movie over the years. So kudos to you, first-time feature director Mathew Cullen, for finally getting it done. Amber Heard plays the novel's heroine, Nicola Six; Jim Sturgess, Billy Bob Thornton and Divergent's Theo James show up as the three men in her life — one of whom she knows will kill her, thanks to a precognitive dream. We have it on good authority that Johnny Depp makes a cameo as an unspecified character. We're assuming that it won't be a Whitey Bulger reprise, though how awesome would that be?

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