25 Movies We Can't Wait to See at Sundance 2017

From Grateful Dead and Gawker docs to Cate Blanchett's 13-role history lesson, the must-see titles at this year's prestigious Park City film fest

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'The Hero'

'The Hero'

Brett Haley – the man behind one of the fest's best sleeper surprises, I'll See You in My Dreams – puts rough-and-rugged Sam Elliott back in the saddle for this character study of an aging movie star. Once a popular screen cowpoke, the movie's geriatric hero spends his time getting high and reminiscing about the glory days. Then fate deals him a bum hand, and well, what's a man to do but get reacquainted with his long-estranged kin? Normally, these kinds of dramas have us reaching for insulin shots; given the grace notes that Haley gave his previous look at the autumn years, however, we're genuinely psyched for this. Also, someone please give Sam Elliott's mustache an honorary Oscar, please.

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