25 Movies We Can't Wait to See at Sundance 2017

From Grateful Dead and Gawker docs to Cate Blanchett's 13-role history lesson, the must-see titles at this year's prestigious Park City film fest

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'Roxanne Roxanne'
Chante Adams19/25

'Roxanne Roxanne'

It's one of the most famous diss tracks in hip-hop history: "Roxanne's Revenge," a response to a UTFO song about ornery females that turned 14-year-old Lolita Shanté Gooden (Chanté Adams) into an overnight sensation and kicked off what became known as the "Roxanne Wars." Michael Larnell's biopic on the young Queensbridge native revisits a key moment in 1980s rap history and deep-dives into the story of the woman who, with one underground answer record, became a battle M.C. known for rockin' on the beat-a that you can see.

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